ГДЗ Ю. Голицынский грамматика сборник упражнений

There is a jug on the table. The boat was carried away by the waves. The river can be crossed on a raft. My watch had stopped, I arrived, my train had left, I had, the next train would come. You have been looked for the whole morning.

Грамматика. Ключи к упражнениям по 6-му изданию.

A huge plant has recently been built in the town of N. They have already been writing the composition for two hours.

Have all the students been given the exercises? The famous lecturer was warmly greeted by the students.

They work at c a hospital. Голицынского - книга, по которой учатся все российские и не только российские школьники. This is a very difficult question. Сравнивайте номера упражнений и ответов по контексту.

The books must be returned the day after tomorrow. Bob will do, he will do. Our friend was thought about all the time.

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